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Blackbriar - Cicada (Single Review)

Netherlands based goth rock band Blackbriar are back with another hauntingly beautiful and beautifully analogy laden song. I've been following them since they put out their single "The Séance" back in 2021 and have absolutely loved everything that they've done since. Their music is just so dismally and hauntingly gorgeous between the orchestral elements and those intense female vocals, there's really nothing else you could ask for in a song that'll make your blackened heart sing. These lyrics, oh wow, just so much emotion and real thoughts beneath metaphor, and this is just something this band does so well. In this one I especially like the line "Some might only hear a humming noise, But if you know just how to listen, I promise you will hear my voice" so cool! I feel like since I've started listening to them, their frontwoman, Zora Cock has grown a lot in her singing, which was great to begin with, but she's just developed her voice and grown so much as a vocalist. This is the absolute perfect song to celebrate the beginning of summer!

Image credit: Promo image for "Cicada" by Blackbriar

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