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Cathedral In Flames - Rebel Yell (Single Review)

Czech goth rockers Cathedral In Flames released a cover of Billy Idol's hit song "Rebel Yell" last week. Unholy shit! This song has been covered many times, but I've never heard one quite like this! If Billy Idol found his way to a cave in Santa Carla and drank the wine, this is what we'd get. (If you missed that Lost Boys reference, are you really goth?) It's absolutely fangtastic! Now a lot of times, I'm not a big fan of cover songs. Half the time they are just boring carbon copies of the original. But this? This completely blew me away. The way they took this upbeat poppy rock hit and turned it into a dark gothic banger! It's amazing what some blast beats, tempo changes, and vampiric vocals can do! I enjoyed this immensely, and I highly recommend that everyone should check it out!

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