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Crematory - Inglorious Darkness (Single Review)

Yesterday, German goth metal veterans Crematory announced a new album, and dropped the title track, "Inglorious Darkness". The album is set to come out on May 27th. This song is an absolute banger! It has just the right balance between dark gothic style atmospheric keyboard work and heavy riffs. This paired with some super badass and versatile vocals come together to make a great song! They have a very classic goth metal type sound, one element in particular is the almost industrial sounding guitar and bass with very yet repetitive complex riffs. We also get some guitar lines that are against the main riff, but complements it very well. I absolutely love the vocals. We get some growls, some blegh, some clean work, an evil laugh, and some ominous whispers. It all flows together seamlessly. We get a very dark almost ritualistic themed video of the band playing. It's very interesting and exciting and fits the song so well. I enjoyed this immensely, and I am definitely looking forward to when the album comes out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still from the music video for "Inglorious Darkness" by Crematory on Napalm Records.

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