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Deathstars - Everything Destroys You (Album Review)

I first found Swedish industrial metal band Deathstars almost a decade ago when I saw them on the Conquerors Of The World Tour III with Moonspell and Septic Flesh down in Worcester, Massachusetts. I loved their set then, and have listened to some of their stuff a few times over the years. Today they finally dropped their long awaited fifth album titled "Everything Destroys You" and so of course I had to give it a listen. It's forty minutes of just industrial and goth metal badassery. It's so good! One of the songs that really stood out to me is the title track, "Everything Destroys You". It's a little slower, has more melodic keys, some vocal distortion, and is super anthemic. I also particularly liked "An Atomic Prayer". It was very keys dominant and less about the heavy guitar riffs, and has some gorgeous female backing vocals. It sounded more goth metal than industrial, which is something I just love. The entire album is absolutely fantastic. It's just one banger after another. The production on this album is also incredibly well done. Everything is so clean and mixed beautifully. I can't say enough good things about this album. It's an absolute masterpiece that anyone who likes industrial and goth metal has got to check out. It might be only May, but I think this has my vote for album of the year. ~ Eryk The Strange

Image credit: Album cover for "Everything Destroys Us" by Deathstar, released on Nuclear Blast Records.

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