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In The Sound Of Hollow Bodies - Denis Pauna (Type O Tribute Album Review)

Our friend, cover song master, Denis Pauna released his acoustic Type O album today. We'd already heard a couple of the tracks over the past few months, and we've been super excited to hear the rest of it. He dropped a few hints during our interview with him on Reaper's Underground this past week that just made the anticipation that much more intense. If you didn't see that interview, you can find it on all our pages and YouTube channels.

While this whole album is great, I have to especially talk about "Wolf Moon", which was just absolutely gorgeous. This has always been a top favorite Type O song for me, and he just made it so good. The guitars and drums are absolutely perfect, and the atmospheric almost ethereal echoing backing vocals are just wonderful. Denis nailed the vocals as well, and I love how he added his own touch in a few sections, rather than making it a straight cover.

"Christian Woman" is just absolute genius. He took one of their most diverse and long songs and made it into something totally different. The first section is just great. The layered backing vocals perfectly emulating the original, with some beautifully played guitar and his deep bassy vocals, it's just amazing. The second part of the song "she'd like to know", which in the original is one of Pete's best vocal performances, Denis did so well. The whole "Jesus Christ looks like me" part is fucking killer. I can't say enough good things about this song. He definitely did it justice, and nailed it.

"Black No.1" was definitely the best cover of that song I've ever heard. While it lacks the creepiness factor of the original, I'm totally okay with that. I love how well he emulates Kenny Hickey's backing vocals. I also really like that he does a full cover, and not just the radio edit. He did the "loving you" section so well.

I thoroughly enjoyed this album, and I can honestly say that I think this totally did Type O justice, and Peter would approve. I also have to comment on how amazing the title of the album is. It's referencing the acoustic guitar, but just sound so spooky and ominous and gothy. If you love acoustic work, the drab four, and well done covers, then this album is for you! Definitely recommend checking it out! ~Gangis

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