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Interview with Brides

Q: Tell the readers who you are and what you do.

A: Adrian Borgia lives in the space between light and shadow. Hobbies include (but not limited to) playing scrabble, watching the same two movies on repeat and oh yeah, writing songs. Sometimes even releasing said songs for public consumption.

Q: How did you first get started making music?

A: I started a band with a couple school mates at 13, I originally wanted to play bass, that`s obviously gone very very wrong. Ever since I`ve been in or started several failed and short-lived bands including a host of solo projects across the genre spectrum ranging from glam to metal to industrial and whatever lies between them.

Q: How would you describe the sound of Brides?

A: An intelligent neo-expressionist rock machine

Q: If you could play one song for a potential new fan, which one would you choose?

A: Drive` which opens the upcoming album.

Q: I feel like the single “Chalices” has a very different feel than everything else you’ve done. Why? What’s the story behind this song?

A: That was re-written and re-recorded after losing the original in a hard-drive crash. I had recently acquired a semi-acoustic and began incorporating it into what I was writing. The contrast of acoustic guitar and synths seemed exciting. Additionally, I was still working out how to use my voice, I haven`t really sung in any real way before so it`s a trial and error thing you might say.

Q: What is your biggest struggle as a musician?

A: The same as everyone else I`d imagine; To cut through the noise and get people to pay attention, or just pay you.

Q: Have you gotten good feedback so far on The Earth Defeats Me?

A: People seem to be listening, some of them even find it worth paying for. So far, so good.

Q: How did you decide what order to put the singles in on Earth Defeats Me?

A: The first batch is chronological. The previously unreleased track `Louder Than The Bomb` represents the midway point bringing you into the first initial songs that were originally released under the Brides In The Floodlights moniker. It seemed a sensible way to go about things.

Q: What can you tell me about the new album you’re working on?

A: It`s called Doom Profits and will by the looks of things be out in March 2024 via the Colorado based label Produkt 42. It consists of eight songs written at various points throughout this year, some of them are not too shabby. If March seems a long way ahead, fear not children, a single will appear on your favourite streaming service (which should be Bandcamp btw) in January.

Q: If you were a salad, what dressing would it have?

A: Amphetamine

Q: Where can people follow you, and what do you wish to say to any fans who read this?

A: There is an instagram ( @brideshq ) and a Bandcamp profile ( )

As for what I wish to say; Watch Nosferatu (the original), read Blood Meridian, listen to Motorhead (and BRIDES) and thanks for reading, listening, sharing and so on. It all enables and gives a reason to look into the possibilities of booking a show or two as well a general sense of meaning to the absurdity of existing.

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