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Lord Of The Lost - Blood And Glitter (Album Review)

After surprise dropping the title track a week before releasing this album, I was sooooo excited! The boys really gave me something to look forward to. But I just found time to finish listening to the album, and holy shit is it good! I knew it would be, but still basking in the beauty of the Judas album, I was shocked that this one was coming out so soon. But I'm totally blown away by this one. It has some interesting elements in it including some vocal distortion, some killer guitar solos, more electronic beats, some soul wrenching emotions, and even a Britney Spears reference? I certainly did not expect that! I don't know any other band that can seamlessly go from super heavy metal to sort of poppy almost 80s sounding to a techno vibe all within thirty seconds without missing a beat. They really have some serious talent that I can't get enough of. This album tackles some real feelings and things that people can relate to, which is something I really liked. We got a touch of that in Judas, but this album brings it to a whole new level. "One Last Song" is absolutely frickin beautiful and has allllll the feels. This entire album is just gorgeous and I love it so much. Go check it out! ~Gangis

Image credit: Album cover for "Blood and Glitter" by Lord Of The Lost.

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