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October Noir - Letters To Existence (Album Review)

I am so honored to be among the first to hear "Letters To Existence", the long awaited album by Florida goth rock band October Noir. They announced it almost a year ago, and we're finally getting it. Holy shit, it's well worth the wait. This band just keeps getting better and better. They just sound so perfectly gloomy, doomy. So many bands have tried to do this sound and absolutely failed. They totally nail it and make it their own. In addition to what we all expect from this album, there's a couple killer guitar solos, some guttural vocals, absolutely gorgeous key work, and some beautiful instrumentals as they take us on a journey through the seasons, and even a brief trip to the carnival. Everything anyone could be hoping for, and more. This album really shows them growing as musicians even just since "Fate, Wine, and Wisteria". There's just such a depth to the sound and so many little details to pick out when you really sit down and listen to it. The production on "Letters To Existence" is flawless. It's so clean and well done. My favorite tracks have got to be "Tourniquet", "Flash Paper Matches", and "Winter". If I have you intrigued, make sure you tune in on August 5th for a live streaming of the demos, and pick up a copy of the album when it drops on September 22nd! Also if you didn't see their latest video Reverence yet, check that out too!!!

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