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Solar Fake - This Generation Ends (Single Review)

I for one am SO excited that Solar Fake is back with a new single. Apart from one single in 2022, they haven't released anything since their "Enjoy Dystopia" album in 2021. "This Generation Ends" is an absolutely fantastic upbeat song, despite the depressing cynical lyrics, done in a way only Solar Fake can achieve. The video is shot with a very dark filter over it, which give it a much needed dismal and serious tone. The scenes with Sven in the dark with the bright moving textured lights are so visually interesting. I could be interpreting everything wrong, but I think the song is about being a musician and through your music trying to make this world a better place, but the frustration of feeling like you're not really making a difference. What a powerful and well expressed message. I think that's something a lot of creators are struggling with nowadays as they watch the world crumble around us. I hope this song being released means they're working on a new album and this is just the first single. This song at the end sets up for a drop, as if it's going to be continued, and wow do I hope it is. This song is absolutely great!

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