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The Funeral Portrait - Sounds From Beyond The Abyss Vol1 (EP Review)

Our friends The Funeral Portrait dropped their new EP today, Sounds From Beyond The Abyss Vol1, that consists of four songs. Two of their new singles, a newly re-done cover of Mad World (they released one several years ago) and a new version of Voodoo Doll that completely blew me away and brought a tear to my eye. Wow. It's so beautifully done and so freakin' emotional. Holy hell. The way they focused on Lee's vocals in the new Voodoo Doll and then just added a little piano and such is just so well done. This version of Mad World is, dare I say, better than the original? Sorry not sorry! This EP is absolutely fantastic! I can't wait until we get the full album! I think it's going to be absolutely amazeballs!

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