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October Noir

Formed by Tom Noir in 2017 and from Pensacola, Florida. Tom solidified the path into the genres of Goth, Doom, Rock, and Metal. Drawing from influences such as Type O Negative, The Cure, 80s Hair Metal, Lycia, Danzig, and The Sisters of Mercy in order to create a thundering, deep, and dark resonance found in the naturistic platforms of pain, love, death, and spirituality


V Is For Villains are in high demand at anime, pop culture, and horror events, and have played massive conventions and clubs across the country. They have performed at and headlined conventions such as Dragon Con, Colossal Con, Mad Monster Party and Dark Side of the Con, Dark Force Fest, as well as headlined clubs such as The House of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe, and The Metro Chicago. ​If you haven't heard of them, but you follow me, you must be living under a damn rock. We love this band, and you should too! Their industrial pop sound is just so good, and we can't get enough of it!

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Dead Cool

From the coastal charm of Wilmington, North Carolina emerges intriguing electronic duo, Dead Cool. Their namesake, drawn from a Chrome Cranks number, resonates with the unique chemistry of Johnny's multifaceted vocal, synthesizer, and guitar prowess, coupled with Angela Yeagher's bass rhythms and harmonizing vocals. Infused with the evocative notes of darkwave, post-punk, and synthpop, Dead Cool's musical offerings, established since 2020, have been garnering an enthusiastic following both domestically and internationally. Drawing inspiration from the dramatic depths of The Sisters of Mercy, .

and the electric energy of Depeche Mode, Suicide, and The Human League, Dead Cool's compositions come with a wink and a nod to the grand traditions of darkwave, all while fashioning a niche of their own. On American soil, their presence has been notably felt with appearances at notable events like Absolution Fest in Tampa and Dark Castle Fest in Louisville. Their repertoire includes engagements across the American South, from their home state of North Carolina to neighboring regions like South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. The allure of Dead Cool hasn't been confined to American borders. They've also cast their spell on audiences at esteemed venues like London's Slimelight and Bergamo Italy's Midnight Club. Boasting nine singles to their name, including their latest, Faith Or Misery, they've graced the same stages as notable names like Bootblacks, ACTORS, Astari Nite, Korine, Vision Video, and Xeno & Oaklander across the Atlantic and within the US. Their forthcoming East Coast sojourn will see them collaborate with Fall Shock. Their acclaim was further cemented when Procession Magazine spotlighted them, and Goths World Wide honored them among their Top 50 Goth Bands of 2022.


Phoenix and Kinko


These well seasoned haunt actors are out there killin' it in California at the Monterey Fair Ground! More info coming soon.

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