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Blutengel - Our Souls Will Never Die (Single Review)

German dance/electronic group Blutengel dropped a new single last week titled "Our Souls Will Never Die". This song is fantastic! It has a fantastic beat, hauntingly beautiful vocals, and even an acoustic guitar interlude. That part I definitely did not expect, and despite being a very different element, the song flows seamlessly and still feels like a very cohesive piece. The lyrics are very uplifting and powerful and speak of immortality and not giving in to the things that try to bring us down. I absolutely love this song. It's so good! I have to comment on how quickly they're releasing new music, they just released an album "Erlösung - The Victory Of Light" in July of this year, but I'm certainly not complaining, all of their stuff is absolutely fantastic! I definitely look forward to whatever they have planned next. I highly recommend checking this one out! ~Gangis

Image credit: Still from the music video for "Our Souls Will Never Die" by Blutengel on Out Of Line Music.

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