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Interview with Mekong!

Q: Tell the readers who you are and what you do

A: I am a just one more. A Portuguese living in Poland and trying to enjoy as much as possible.

I am a family man with a regular job. I am lucky enough to find the time between my family and my work to record some music and even more fortunate to be able to put it out there to the world.

I make a daily effort to listen to as many records as possible. I like studio records and I collect them in various formats.

I read daily about gear, old and new. Guitar related stuff mostly. It’s always in the back of my head.

I also force myself to go to as many concerts as possible. It’s my escape.

I prefer small club concerts than big crowded concerts.

Family, music, travelling and work in this order, though the last one end up taking most of the time. It is what it is. I don’t complain.

Q: It's been a few months since the release of Going Numb. What's the status on the new album? What can you tell us about it?

A: The new Album “Danse Danse” is out on the 3rd of May.

It is a conceptual album. It is meant to be listened from the beginning to the end in the correct order. As a whole, it tells a story. The story of someone that decides to end it all as their hope is finally gone.

I had the initial idea of having a film for the whole record but after some failed attempts to start this project, I ended up dropping the whole idea. This has also caused a huge delay. Maybe one day I’ll come back to it. I don’t think so though.

“Danse Danse” was recorded in the beginning of 2023 and is only now being released.

Q: How has the reception for Going Numb been?

I have released two singles for this record so far, “Going Numb” and “Ice Cold”

There was a much bigger traction on “Going Numb”. I guess it’s just an easier song to listen to for most people.

“Ice Cold” comes is a part of the story where the character has already given up and is starting her last journey towards the end. It’s a much darker song so I guess it’s not as easy to listen. I still stick to the decision of releasing it as a single as it’s one of my favourite songs on the record.

I am planning to have one more singles coming out though. I am working on the video now.

Q: Where did your band name come from?

A: Back in 2015, I was lucky enough to take a year off and spend a long season in South East Asia. I crossed the Mekong river multiple times. It was clear as Hell for me back then. Once back home, I was going to record Post-Punk music and the name will be Mekong. That came to me in a long motorbike trip in Laos. Endless bumpy roads, non stop time just for my own thoughts.

Back in Portugal I always had bands. I used to play live quite often but it was a completely different style. I had a blues-hard rock band for over 10 years. This was the first time I was not making making music since I was 15 years old if you consider my first bands. I was itchy. All I could think of while driving that Chinese motorbike was of gear. Guitars, amps, pedals… The idea was just in the very beginning.

As soon as we settled in Poland, my wife’s country, and as soon as I was able to get some gear together I started doing something. It took forever. My first single, “Industria” came out in 2020.

Q: What band inspired you to make your own music?

A: I come from quite a varied background when it comes to music and still listen to many different styles, mostly guitar music.

For many years in Portugal I played blues hard-rock but even then I was always listening to other stuff. The Cure and Bauhaus were always there. When I decided to start making music by myself I had no questions in my mind Post-Punk was the way to go.

Since then, I dove deeply in the world of Goth/Post-Punk/DarkWave and so on. The amount of bands is just endless. I spend most of my time listening to “small unknown” bands these days.

Q: Is there a good music scene in Krakow or do you have to travel to play shows?

A: Coming from Porto, Portugal, I would say the concert scene in Krakow is so much better. There’s plenty of clubs with live music. Lately I have been attending mostly concerts of Metal, Stoner and all Post-Punk related stuff that comes my way.

Most European tours come to Poland and many times to Krakow. While in Portugal we rely mainly on festival to see the big bands, you can see it here in clubs, theatres or bigger stages by themselves.

Q: What artist do you dream of collaborating with?

Since I started to get deep in this Post-Punk/Darkwave thing, I have discovered so much music I was unaware of.  There is an a Greek Musician named Doric I just can’t stop listen to. It’s brilliant. I would love to make some music with him. If the question is about some more established artists, I guess I would like to change some ideas with Simon Gallup or Peter Hook. I am sure I could spend a nice time jamming with Kevin Haskins as well. It’s such a unique style of drumming.

Q: If you were an animal, what kind would you be, and why?

Ahah. A Sloth. I am lazy. It takes me forever to do whatever.

Q: Where can people follow you?

Q: What message do you have for anyone who reads this?

A: Listen to as much music as possible, read about the artists and support them if you enjoy what they are putting out.

There’s a huge effort behind each album that comes out every day. Most people just go on Spotify and stream the records which is fine, but if you like a band, think of getting something from them. Buy their records or merchandise. Even if you don’t have a CD or a Vinyl player anymore. It is a very good feeling when you get some new merch in your mail box.

The artists appreciate it, if not for the money, for the fact that someone actually cares enough to buy their work.

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