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After a couple other failed attempts at dipping their toes into the entertainment world, nonbinary bat, Eryk took what they'd learned and branched off to do their own thing. And thus, Moon Burns Productions was born. When not doing live interviews, or writing on the website, they're usually listening to music, shooting virtual zombies, dabbling in some sort of art medium, or playing with one of their many fur or feathered babies.



Luke Vinland: This Elder-Goth can be found stomping around dance floors and chatting up anyone who will listen around clubs, concerts and spooky events in the PA/NJ/DE area. Primarily working for M.B.P. behind the scenes and as a P.R. nightmare… Rep… He also does music production, woodworking, and is a dad to a few furry familiars.



Moon Cat makes it her life mission to catch as many live shows in Philly, NYC, and all points in between, particularly smaller up-and-coming bands. She documents some of these nights out in her blog. In between shows, you can catch her in her art studio experimenting with different 2D and 3D media (she handmade her mask). She’s also a proud cat mom of two fluffy rescues. IG: @yrgrrl_m00ncat



Looking for a jack of all trades cryptid of the music industry look no further! Defiance a.k.a. Goth Daddy is no stranger to the music industry having previously worked as a promoter, photographer, vocalist, radio dj, merch slinger, festival planner, and much more. This chaotic kiwi when not touring or performing sideshow acts can be found creating art, designing tattoos, smooshing Benny The Tour Dog's face, or just creating chaos at their local or not so local venues.




This Synthesizer enthusiast, photographer, and IT professional frequents events in the PA area, and is a dad to two kitties. He's going to be doing concert photography for MBP. 



They have haunted the dance floors, concert venues, and urban landscapes of Eastern PA, NJ, and NYC for the last three decades. You may have spotted them once or twice at a goth night or a performance,though they are quite skittish and unlikely to approach you. However, if you wish to engage them in
conversation, Stjernefødt is known to be personable, and perhaps even occasionally interesting. They have a voracious appetite for all genres of dark music and are working with M.B.P. to address these
topics in a written format. Additionally, Stjernefødt is currently working on several darkwave and dungeon synth projects that may see the light of day by the end of this calendar year.

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