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Clown Motel 2 Death Do Us Part (Movie Review)

You want a fast paced campy b movie with lots of blood, violence, and red noses? Then boy have I got a film for you! Clown Motel 2 came out earlier this year, and I finally got a chance to sit down and watch it. I definitely really enjoyed this one. It's definitely better than part 1. There's more action, more clowns, we really start to learn more of the lore and story, and it's always great to see some familiar faces up on the screen, including our very own Mischief. They used some really creative camera angles and use of reflections, as well as clever editing, to make some visually interesting scenes. This film also has some great one liners that not only made me laugh, but some of them are nods to some of the greatest clown films of all time. Despite being almost two hours long, it moves so fast it keeps your attention. I really enjoyed it. I just hope if they do a part three that its more clown focused and less about the humans. Definitely go check this one out! ~Gangis

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