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Faderhead - All Black Everything (Single Review)

German electronic/ebm artist Faderhead dropped a new single the other day titled "All Black Everything" off of his upcoming "Years Of The Serpent" album. This song is great! It's got a very exciting beat, it's very dark and aggressive, and kinda creepy. The beat almost has an early goth music sort of sound to it, but harsher, almost industrial sounding. I enjoyed this one a lot. The lyrics are very bleak, and very well crafted. The music video is absolutely fantastic. It's very interesting, it has a lot of occult type imagery, fire performers, and some freaky creepy shit. The lighting and lack there of, as well as the fire and the actors eyes turning black and such really gives it a horror vibe. I love it! I'm definitely looking forward to the new album, and I highly recommend checking this one out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Promo pic for "All Black Everything" by Faderhead

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