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Vision Video - Stay (Single Review)

Is it late as hell and I just got home from a show? Yep. Did I have to listen to the new Vision Video song, "Stay" before I went to bed? You frickin know it! Oh my gods. This song is absolutely beautiful. I heard it at Dark Force Fest, but it's great to finally hear it in its cleanest form. Hearing it live was an experience, but now I get to put it on repeat and really hear the lyrics. As expected, yeahhhhh I'm crying. From a musical standpoint, this song is really cool . It has very minimal riffs and drums and makes the vocals the focal point. This makes sense, as to not detract from the message. I also like that this one really shows Dusty's vocal range a lot more than some of his other songs. This song is about the wonderful things you have left in this world to live for. That is a beautiful message and a reminder many of us need once in awhile. I've said it before, I'm saying it again. Thank you Dusty. You put things into words that are so hard to process, and help us all so much. I hope everyone gets what they need from this song, and that it felt as cathartic for him to put the words out there as it does to hear it.

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