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Hell Boulevard - Dead Valentine (Single Review)

I was watching the Lord Of The Lost "Festival Of Love" and heard a cover of a song titled "Dead Valentine" by some band called Hell Boulevard. Never heard of them. But the song was so beautiful that I had to check out the original off of their 2018 "In Black We Trust" album. Holy hell! I am completely in love with it! More people need to hear this song, and this band! This Swiss gothic metal band has an incredible sound, and their singer's voice is fantastic! The lyrics of this song are so wonderfully dark and romantic. Everything you could want from a goth band. And the icing on the cake is the Type O reference towards the end of the song. This couldn't get any better. Definitely going to be listening to this song many more times, and exploring more from this group. If you haven't heard this one, you have to go check it out! ~Gangis

Image credit: Single cover for "Dead Valentine" by Hell Boulevard

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