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Rammstein - Zeit (Single Review)

I somehow managed to avoid spoilers on this new Rammstein song, so going into it with no preconceived notions, and whoa. I did NOT expect the gorgeous melancholy ballad that it is. Normally if they drop a single, it's a heavy hitting banger. This is everything but, but also no less powerful. This is the first single off of their upcoming album of the same title, "Zeit", which is being released on April 22nd. I really like the militaristic drumbeat and the slow guitar notes that accentuate Till's gorgeous vocals throughout a majority of the song, along with some very atmospheric sounds and female vocals. The chorus picks up a bit and has a great riff to it, which I was glad to hear. The whole song sort of reminds me of "Mutter" in a way, and not just the underwater drowning imagery of the video. But it's also a bit like "Ohne Dich", at the same time though, just wow. This song is incredible. They've really matured a lot as musicians, even since their previous album. I'm not used to them using this much atmospheric type of sound in their music. I absolutely love it. The video itself is very interesting and has so much going on. It's so exciting and cinematically intriguing. I enjoyed it so much. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album, I think it's definitely going to be something special. ~Gangis

Image credit: Promo image for the single "Zeit" by Rammstein.

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