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The Black Tarot (Tarot Deck Review)

I recently acquired The Black Tarot by Victoria Iva. This deck is absolutely stunning and dark and I just love it! Right from the first reading I did with it, it was ridiculously accurate. The craftsmanship is fantastic. One thing of note is that this deck has sort of a matte finish rather than the almost plasticky shiny finish a lot of decks have. This is something I actually really like. While it doesn't shuffle quite as smoothly, I feel like I have a lot more control over the cards and they aren't trying to slide out of my hands. Definitely not a bad thing, since I'm going for accuracy of the readings, way more than I am trying to shuffle fancy or be flashy. The images on the cards are so cool! The backs are such a dark shade of black with faint marbling on them. The illustrations are gorgeous and foreboding. I love it! The guidebook is easy to use and interpret, and I like that it include the meaning for each card both upright and reversed. This is a fantastic deck, and I highly recommend it. ~Gangis

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