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CattaC - Moriticians (Single Review)

German dark electronic duo CattaC dropped a new single last week titled "Morticians". This song comes off of their "Nightress" EP that's being released on December 10th. I enjoyed this one immensely! I'd best describe their sound as a rock inspired dark wave with an industrial edge? They're definitely not easy to categorize, but I'm all about it. This track has a fantastic beat, deep gloomy vocals, and just an absolutely wonderful sound. Not to mention, what song of this type would be complete without a church bell sound? I love this so much. The video is great. It fits the whole tongue in cheek tone of the song, and is just very amusing. I highly highly suggest checking this one out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still from the music video for "Morticians" by CattaC pm darkTunes Music Group.

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