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Eluveitie - Aidus (Single Review)

Swiss folk/melodic death metal group Eluveitie dropped a new single last week titled "Aidus". This song is an absolute banger! It's not every day you get to hear violins, a hurdy gurdy, and a flute in a metal song, but I'm all about it. The mix of growling with melodic backing vocals is gorgeous! The riffs are insane. Their blend of folk and melodic death couldn't possibly be done better. The balance of different sound elements is just perfect, and they transition from heavy to melodic seamlessly. It's so good. The ending is so abrupt, it feels like falling off a cliff. It left me wanting more! The video is also very well done with really elaborate costumes and is just beautifully shot. I enjoyed this immensely, and I highly recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still shot from the music video for "Aidus" by Eluveitie on Nuclear Blast Records.

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