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Faulnis - Letharg (EP Review)

I just checked out the newly rereleased EP "Letharg" by German ambient black metal group Fäulnis. This EP originally came out in 2005, but they remastered it and added some spoken parts. I hadn't heard of this band before, but this was definitely the twenty one best minutes of my day! So good!

The beginning is creepy as hell, then it eases into a very slow black metal dirge. It's a few minutes before we get some soft velvety spoken word, followed by some more traditional black metal vocals, and what I can only describe as screams of agony.

There's also some other really cool atmospheric sounds that I enjoyed very much, and they added a lot to the overall feel of the music.

I haven't heard the original EP, but I'm curious to check it out and see how different the remastered edition is. Either way, this is an absolutely fantastic EP, and I highly recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

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