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Mastodon/Gojira/ Lorna Shore at the Cross Insurance Arena

Last night I caught the Mega Monsters Tour 2023 on their stop in Portland, Maine. Holy shit was it a show! Lorna Shore put on a decent show. I'd never really listened to a lot of their stuff. Their frontman absolutely kicked some ass. Unfortunately I didn't get very many good pictures of their set, thanks in part to pits constantly breaking out and big sweaty meatheads standing infront of me. Once Gojira came up it was absolutely fantastic! Top five best performances I've seen! Their stage presence is absolutely fantastic and had a huge impact (pictured above). Unfortunately once again a pit broke out and I somehow found myself on the edge of it. Thanks to whoever caught me so I didn't get knocked on my ass (again). Like I'm not dissing on y'all who mosh, but that's really really not my thing. I absolutely loved how all their visuals and such. Also just how badass is it for a band to try to make their guitars sound like a frickin whale?! That's insane and I absolutely love it. Also somehow miraculously had a pick bounce off my face and I caught it. So awesome.

Mastodon was also really good. I finally made it to the barrier, and was very thankful to be able to lean on something. I really liked their psychedelic background images and such. The monster (pictured above) is so frickin cute and I just wanna give him a big hug. There's a few more dates on this tour, I definitely recommend catching it if you can!

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