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Priest - A Signal In The Noise (Single Review)

Synth trio Priest dropped a new single the other day titled "A Signal In The Noise". I checked this out because I saw that they are two-thirds ex-Ghost members, which is really cool. I had no idea that they had gone on to create their own thing. I love the sound! Very dark synthwave. There's so many different layers to this song too. A lot of different sounds and effects, and they all work so well and are mixed beautifully. The drops are epic and feature what sounds like a heart monitor. The video has a very classic industrial feel to it, like something that would have come straight out of the darkest nightmares of Trent Reznor and Till Lindemann's lovechild. I enjoyed this immensely! I highly recommend checking it out, and I'm looking forward to whatever they put out next. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still from the music video for "A Signal In The Noise" by Priest on Cleopatra Records.

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