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Avatar - The Dirt I'm Buried In (Single Review)

Swedish metal masterminds Avatar are back with another single off their highly anticipated "Dance Devil Dance" album that's coming out next year. And boy did this song make me want to "Dance Devil Dance"! Wow! I haven't heard anything quite like this from them. While some of their songs have a sort of groove undertone, it isn't usually the main sound. "The Dirt I'm Buried In" is so catchy and a little poppy and just absolutely groovelicious. The main guitar riff is just so smooth and a little bluesy and addictive. I just want to hear it over and over. Tim's guitar solo absolutely shreds. The whole song is just fantastic. I love how in the video they're playing the song on a record, and then when it starts we hear the record player static and such. Such a cool element. The whole video is absolutely beautiful and bad ass! It really tells a story and moves well with the song. At the end of the premiere the band said big news for US fans coming soon. I hope that means another tour? I just saw them a couple months ago, but they put on the absolute best stage show, and I can't wait to see them again. I'm really looking forward to this album. ~Gangis

Image Credit: Movie poster from the music video "The Dirt I'm Buried In" by Avatar.

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