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Flying Fuzz - Wytches (Single Review)

Wisconsin based heavy/doom metal band Flying Fuzz dropped a new single titled "Wytches" on Halloween, I just finally got around to hearing it, and damn is it killer! This song is about the witches killed during the Salem Witch Trials and their power being passed through generations and answering that call. Such a cool concept. They have a really neat sound too. Very fuzzy distorted riffs, a great bassline, very prevalent drums, and some fantastic clean vocals, as well as some cool keyboard effects in a few sections. The song comes to sort of an abrupt halt, which I thought was a little different and sort of unexpected. The video was well made and has some interesting camera angles and imagery. I especially like how the footage is sort of fuzzy, it makes it match the music even better. My one criticism is that several times in the lyrics, it mentions people being burnt, but despite popular belief, nobody was actually burnt at the stake in Salem. But that's just me being a nitpicky history buff. I enjoyed this one a lot, and I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Photo credit goes to the band, Flying Fuzz, borrowed from social media.

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