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Interview with Attrition

Q: Introduce yourself to the readers

I'm Martin, music producer and founder of darkwave band ATTRITION... we formed in 1980 in Coventry England and have spent the last 4 decades releasing music and touring over the world. I also work with other bands producing and mastering their music in my studio here, The Cage.Its been nine years since the  last all new full length ATTRITION album and it has just been released on our own Two Gods label. The Black Maria

Q: What does the name "Attrition" mean to you?

I took the name "Attrition" from the term "War of Attrition", which was a reference to the First World war (1914-18). My grandfather was wounded on the western front in 1917, but survived and as a child i would hear stories about this time. It fascinated me and inspired the name. I finally recorded an album of First World War poetry and sound and released it in 2015 during the 100 year anniversary. I collaborated with Anni Hogan on that one, with poetry in English, French and German...and a contribution from ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flur.

Q: How has the reception for "The Black Maria" been so far?

Its only been a short while but i am really pleased with the response... a  lot of radio and club play and wonderful reviews and interviews... its been a full time job working on the marketing but worth every minute of it!

Q: I noticed all of the song titles on this album contain the word "The". Is there a reason for that? Did it just end up that way?

You are the first person to mention that! It did just end up that way as i finalised the song titles... i noticed it and it felt like i was describing chapters of a book, which i was in a way. I feel every album i make is describing a time in my life... a book, or an audio photo album perhaps.

Q: Explain the premise of "The Promise". What inspired that track?

Be silent, be submissive, speak when spoken to. The age old words of authority... from parents to children, and, more subtly, from those in control to those they control... and setting the scene for the first proper song on the album, "The Great Derailer".

Q: What is that sound at the beginning of "The Pillar II"?

I often record sounds in the field and that was the sound of a Toronto Underground train. I was there for some shows in 2018. Worked perfectly i felt. i have a library of recordings from my travels i was thinking of releasing as a free download thorugh our bandcamp site for anyone to use!

Q: Was there an actual music box used in "The Alibi" or did you just emulate one?

Trade secret! it is a recording of an actual music box... but also manipulated it quite a lot, the wedding theme fitted my tale of divorce...

Q: What is "The Black Maria"? What inspired that name?

The Black Maria was a mystical figure from perhaps 200 years ago. She would come and take away miscreants and supposed wrong-doers... many years later the term "Black Maria" was used as the name for the UK's police vans!  I had had a brush with some corrupt police officials here in the UK so this song is dedicated to them!

Q: What is the biggest struggle you face as a musician?

Its always been hard to creat art of any kind and to make that work in most peoples everyday lives.. money tends to distract us, and its an ongoing struggle. I have managed to make it work as i work full time in music but i didnt for many years and i know how hard it can be. It is so worth that struggle though. I think for me now it is back to that struggle to be able to write be able to capture the thoughts and feelings i have inside... maybe the biggest struggle of all.

Q: Have you ever written a song, and then decided it's too bizarre and scrapped it?

I often scrap songs that aren't working for me... perhaps reworking the bits I still like... but never because I feel they are too bizarre! I tend to enjoy the bizarre.

Q: Are you playing any shows this year?

Yes we are... we played an album launch show here in Coventry at the end of March, and are playing festivals in Europe and the USA (Starting with Cold Waves in Chicago on Sept 29th)... We are then looking at tours in the UK, Japan and possibly Australia and New Zealand... this should keep us busy for a while!

Q: Where can people find your music and socials?

We have a lot of online sites these days but these are the best places to start!

Q: What do you want to say to your fans?

i really appreciate anyone taking the time to listen to our music, and love to hear from you so do get in touch with us online! We hope to see some of you at our upcoming shows!

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