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Interview with Lucretia Death!

Q: Tell the reader who you are and what you do.

A: My name is Lucretia Death. I'm a music artist who focuses on vampiric aesthetics. I pull from myths and legends, historical vampires, media, and my own experiences within the Vampire Community to create music for Vampyres and for those who love vampires. My genres mix but I mostly do metal/alt-rock and sometimes I get into a little bit of trap/rap.

Q: What is you favorite road/tour snack?

A: I found this candy last year and I'm addicted to it. They're called Teppeito. It's from Japan and it's made to mimic the taste of blood (the iron taste) and they're soooo good! If they sponsored me I'd be in heaven haha

Q: If you were a salad what dressing would it have?

A: Hmmm, I've been favouring a lot of sauces that have pomegranates in them for both my salads and steaks so definitely something with pomegranate seeds/juice.

Q: Is there really much of a goth scene in Arizona?

A: I moved here from Colorado back in 2017 and the one or two times I've seen the Goth scene here it was very small compared to what I'm used to. Goth nights keep popping up and closing down which is really sad to see. There doesn't seem to be a solid goth club outside of Stacy's on Melrose but that's more influenced by the amazing LGBTQIA+ community here with goth nights attached. But there is the Arizona Goth Society Festival that happens annually and seems to have a pretty big turnout from what I've seen online and the Arizona Goth Society group on Facebook which has close to 10k members and is very active. So it's here but in person not so much from what I've been able to experience. Hopefully, that changes once I'm out of university and can actually attend events and see it in full force haha

Q: What’s the furthest you’ve traveled for a show?

A: Currently, it will be a four-hour drive one way up to Prescott Valley, Arizona for my next show: GREatness Live 2023 on November 4th at Barefoot Bob's. Once I graduate next year, my goal is to change that and hopefully head across the US for my first tour.

Q: How did you get into making music?

A: I've always dreamed of being a singer along with being an Egyptologist. It was a very long process to get to where I am and I wish I could have started this journey way earlier. There's really no handbook on how to do this and even knowing people in the scene can still be just as isolating for various reasons. However, the experiences that led me to make music full-time started with my first recording studio experience when I was 11 for my trip to LA. Then in 2016, I recorded my first song Malleus Maleficarum with an ex-roommate of mine and finished off two more songs with Sicktanick as my producer. He was featured on my song Serpentine Divine and I was featured on his song 'Can You Feel My Heart' on his Oculus Omnia album in 2017. From there, I forged the rest of my foundation here in Arizona by getting beats made, writing my lyrics, recording, and producing all my songs myself. Without these experiences, I would still be searching for a way to make music the way I am today.

Q: Tell me about a piece of music that had a big impact on you.

A: My world shifted the moment I listened to Evanescence's album Fallen back in 2003. That album along with her ep Origin and Amy Lee as a person during both eras continue to have a big impact on me. Mix that in the genre of Horrorcore along with The Vampire Lestat from Queen of the Damned and you have Lucretia Death.

Q: Have you had any crazy fan interactions? Tell me about it.

A: Depends on your definition of crazy haha I like a little chaos but so far nothing out of the ordinary, threatening, or eye-catching. One day I'll have some stories to tell haha

Q: In a future where you couldn’t play music, what would you do?

A: I currently hold an Associate's degree in History. I almost have my Bachelor's degree in Classics specifically for Greek Civilization with a minor in History (graduate next May). I'm working towards a graduate program in Egyptology. So anything to do with ancient history would be it.

Q: If you could collaborate with anyone, who?

A: There are so many I would collaborate with. I don't know if I have a particular person who would be my number one. It would just be whoever decided to work with me first from my list haha but if I had to choose it would be Corey Taylor. I adore harmonizing with his vocals when he's singing and even screaming. I've always believed we could create a beautiful song or two given the chance.

Q: What is the biggest struggle you face as a musician?

A: As someone coming into the scene, there's quite a bit but the two I wanted to highlight are learning how to get my music and myself as an artist in places and in front of people. Like I said, there's no handbook, and proving yourself to people, fellow bands, and venues can be really difficult especially when you promote yourself as a Vampyre and your music follows suit. Many people won't respect that, will judge, and won't take you seriously even in the metal/goth communities. So it's a battleground that I have to face every day to build my reputation as Lucretia Death and get an audience for my music. Which means I rely on the support of people who currently enjoy my music to share my stuff and promote my music to promoters, venues, etc a little more than other bands would.

Secondly, I produce my own music and I'm still learning. I get these amazing ideas and I try to figure out how to do them for my music but I'm not always successful. I wish I had someone to help me with the harder stuff either doing it for me or walking me through how to do it myself but in this industry, help can be really hard to come by even if you are really great friends with them. So I push through and if I can figure it out then I will do it and if I can't I always tell myself I can remix the song in the future. Every song I release isn't the final version in my head. It's just a stepping stone in my style to something even better.

Q: Where can people find you?

My music is on all streaming sites. Just search for Lucretia Death but here is my Spotify link:

Q: What would you like to say to your fans?

A: To those who support me now and to those in the future reading this, I love you, and thank you. It means the world to know people out there love my music. That it makes them feel something enough to support me and what I do. My music is not for everyone but it does take an amazingly unique person to enjoy it.

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