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Interview with Metamorph

This musician is like no other! I absolutely love what she does, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to interview her! Make sure you check out Metamorph!

Q: Tell the readers who you are and what you do

A: Greetings! I am the goth pop songstress -flute player Margot Day known for conjuring

music while fronting the legendary NYC 80’s band “The Plague”, and various projects,

most notably, Metamorph. Timeless music, gothic love songs of broken hearts, power,

and the insatiable desire for love. Music to transport my audience to realms unseen.

Q: Favorite road snack? 

A: On my musical tour journeys, my favorite road snack is a concoction of crunchy

dragonfruit chips and juicy, spellbinding berries. This mix keeps me energized and

ready to cast musical spells wherever I go.

Q: If you were a salad what dressing would it have?

A: If I were a salad, it would be a salad of moonlit greens drizzled with an elixir of honey

and lavender with some walnuts for crunch. It would be a symphony of flavors that

dance upon the taste buds, leaving a trail of enchantment and excitement with every


Q: Tell a story about a song that had a big impact on you when you were growing up?

A: Once upon a time, when I was a baby, I sang and sang in some strange unknown

tongue. Melodies haunted me even then. Natures songs were my inspiration while I

searched for fairies in in the mossy hills behind my home in Vermont where I heard

ancient whispers of secrets from other realms while watching the dance of fireflies

under a bewitching moon. As a young musician, I played classical flute with my father

on the piano. I watched my dancer mother dance and put on productions. I developed

an early love for the theater being on the stage first when I was 2. Ignited with a passion

for music, and connected with nature and the mystical world, this led me to forge the

creation of my own songs.

Q: How did you develop your sound?

A: My sound developed like a magical potion, a concoction of diverse influences. I traveled

a lot with my family as a child, so I was exposed to the musical variety of other

countries. And being a native new yorker I had the opportunity to see Broadway shows,

dance, theater, jazz, and classical music from a very young age. I am a yoga teacher

and reiki master influenced by Hindu chants. I had a time in my life when I was crippled

and then had what I feel was a miracle healing - this influenced my music too – you can

view the “Metamorph healing documentary” on my YouTube channel. My mother and

grandma were deep into nature magic, witches, I am a legacy witch - this mysticism is

part of my music. So, with a blend of ethereal flute, haunting melodic vocals, pounding

danceable rhythms, and power goth pop arrangements, I created Metamorph - music

that resonates with the hearts of my listeners. It is always my intent to inspire, heal, and

save the world with a song…

Q: Who is your dream collab?

A: I am living my dream collab with the Metamorph producer and Cleopatra Records

recording artist Erik Gustafson. Erik is the Metamorph Alchemist. Erik brings talent and

expertise to the recent Metamorph album “Kiss of the Witch” and our new singles

“Witchlit” and the “Spellbound Empress” EP. The new single and lyric video “Woo Woo”

drops in August, and we have a new Metamorph album is in the cauldron.

Q: If you couldn’t do what you do, what would you do?

A: If I couldn't pursue my mystical musical path, I think I would just wither and die….

Q: What is your motivation?

A: My motivation comes from my sadness of the state of the world. My motivation comes

from the whispers of the wind, the rustle of leaves, the pounding of the waves, other

dimensions, and the unseen forces of the universe. The desire to share my music, to

perform and to create moments of magical connection with my audience, this propels

me forward on my musical journey.

Q: Have you had any weird fan interactions?

A: While touring and performing fans have been welcoming and kind and encouraging. I

feel the love. Which is beautiful. Nothing weird has happened – I suppose that’s kinda

weird… lol…

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: I share my life with my witch’s familiar “Melody” the Metamorph mascot. Sometimes

nicknamed Mini Morph – she comes on tour. Melody is a silky teacup yorkie-poo, teeny

tiny only 3 pounds. Melody loves to snuggle and always has my back.

Q: Where can people follow you?

A: Follow the trail of stardust on the official website, where I have videos, concerts, and

links to music past and present, and you can sign up for “My Witchy Diary” Metamorph’s

newsletter. Save + Follow + Share. Music on Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube, Pandora,

Instagram and Facebook….

Q: What do you want to say to your fans?

A: My beloved fans, I couldn’t do it without you, you are part of the magic that makes this

musical journey extraordinary. You are the inspiration. Your unwavering support and

belief in my music fuel the fire of my creativity, and I am forever grateful for the

connections we share. May we continue to weave spells of wonder and beauty, uniting

us through the power of music. Thank you for joining me on this mystical journey…

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