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Interview with Then Comes Silence

Photo used with permission by Chris "BuB" Cardi

After seeing Then Comes Silence at Dark Force Fest, I knew I had to talk to them! So happy I was able to do this interview with them! Make sure you check out their new album "Trickery"!

Q: Introduce yourself to the readers

Hugo: I’m Hugo I play guitar.

Jonas: I’m Jonas the drummer.

Alex: I am Alex, vocalist and bass player in Then Comes Silence

Q: How was tour?

Jonas: The tour was intense and amazing!

Hugo: Tour was good.

Alex: It was successful and one of the best experiences we’ve had.

Q: Why is the new album titled "Trickery"?

Alex: It’s a good name for an album and I if people hate the our new sound, we can always

say “hey, it’s called trickery, so....”

Q: What inspired the song “Stay Strange”?

Jonas: It’s a tribute to Dusty and Vision Video.

Hugo: Touring with Vision Video.

Alex: It’s named after the call Dusty is yelling after every Vision Video show.

Q: How was it playing that song live ft.Dusty?

Alex: Like a party every night

Hugo: Lots of fun.

Jonas: A lot of fun, we will probably only play it live if he’s with us. It’s the same with the

song Ritual and Karolina who’s singing.

Q: What is the idea behind “The Masquerade”?

Alex: It’s a tribute to Halloween, but also putting the finger on having the feeling everyone

is a stranger to you.

Q: Why is ”Dead Friend” such a short song compared to the rest of the album?

Hugo: It’s kind of a Punk Rock song, fast and short.

Jonas: Some songs are better short, this is one of those.

Q: So far do people seem to like the new album?

Hugo: Yes

Alex: It’s got very good reception thank goodness.There’s always someone who hates the

new direction we’re taking, but that’s the beauty of nature. We’re all different in some


Jonas:Yes we’ve only heard good things about it so far.

Q: What’s the biggest struggle you face as a band?

Hugo: Making money.

Jonas: To make it work financially and to be away a lot from family and friends. It’s worth it


Alex: The post-pandemic world makes it harder to tour. The costs have gone up immensely.

Q: How did your sound develop? I feel like it’s evolved a lot since your earlier


Alex: We’re always testing new stuff and this time we invited more electronic elements into

the sound.

Hugo: It’s a natural thing.

Jonas: Yes it has, as Hugo said it, it’s a natural thing. No decisions or thoughts behind it


Q:  What other shows do you have booked this year?

Jonas: Some festivals in the summer and a short tour in the fall. And Spain in December.

Alex: We’re adding a couple of shows in the UK too.

Hugo: You can see all announced dates and get tickets at

Q: If you were an animal, which kind would you be and why?

Jonas: Probably a small one that lives under a rock. Haha no I don’t know. Maybe an

armadillo, they are cool. Or a bird!

Hugo: A cat

Alex: I’m a horse. You can train me, and use me, I can carry you around cause I’m used to

be carrying things, too many things, I’m patient in most situations, I’m quite enduring,

I like being alone but I need to be a part of a flock, I can walk for hours non stop, I

have a pretty good stamina still... but if you annoy me I’ll do the opposite what I just

said, and if you release me I’ll be very hard to catch again and if you make me an

enemy I can kick back pretty hard.

Q: What message do you have for anyone who reads this?

Jonas: Wash your hands, be kind and eat your vegetables.

Hugo: Thanks for your support.

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