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Interview with Third Realm!

As part of my Dark Force series, talking to a bunch of the artists that were at Dark Force Fest, I am thrilled I got to talk to Third Realm!

Q: How did you come together as a band?

A:Third Realm is mainly a solo project.  I collaborate with several other musicians for live performances. I used to write a lot of lyrics and poems before entertaining the thought of creating music.  I started experimenting with computers and synths when I was around 15, and here we are.  

Q:What is the most memorable or the best show you've played?

A: By far, the most recent performance at Dark Force Fest; for various reasons.  Firstly, the sound crew were very patient and knowledgeable, we weren't meant to feel like we were being a hassle during sound check, which helps immensely.  The entire weekend was a reminder of why I got into the culture and music in the first place. When your passions are in complete alignment with your soul, everything just feels right.  That was evident at the festival without a doubt.

Q: What's your favorite tour snack?

A: Something like a cliff bar and coffee. I don't like to eat too much before a show, and generally keep it light even for an extended tour.

Q: Have you had any bizarre fan interactions?

A: I have, but I don't feel the need to call people out.  I tend to believe that sometimes we all do strange things under complicated circumstances in our lives.

Q: What are some of your favorite movies?

A: True Romance, Interview with the Vampire, Spirited Away, Lost Highway, Wristcutters: A Love Story.

Q: What do you feel is the biggest challenge you're facing right now as a band?

A: The challenge of actually becoming a full band, which is something I've considered in the past.  Individually, I'd say getting over perfectionism and trying to avoid falling into massive "paralyzation by analysis".  

Q: What is your dream artist you wish to collaborate with?

A: Gary Numan or Peter Murphy.

Q: If you could pick one song to play for a potential new fan, which one would you pick?

A: That's tough, but I suppose "Castaway".

Q: Are you working on anything new, and what can you tell me about it?

A: I am currently working on a new full-length album, titled "Into Oblivion".  More details pertaining to the label which will be releasing it and an estimated release date will be revealed in the next couple of months.

Q: you have anything you want to tell your fans?

A: Thank you as always for listening.  Further, don't be afraid to share your thoughts.  Sometimes, a simple compliment goes a long way.  Life is short, we must continue to try to inspire each other.  

Q: Is there a question everyone asks you that you're sick of answering?

A: No, I appreciate everyone that takes the time to put together any sort of interview.  

Q: What's a question you wish someone would ask in an interview?

A: I'd rather have the interviewer determine what they feel are suitable questions.

Q: If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you have?

A: Is there some type of cayenne pepper infused dressing, with a hint of passion that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster?  That one. 

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18 мая 2023 г.
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I made it a point to see Third Realm at Dark Force and I was not disappointed. I was fortunate enough to meet Nathan in the hall at the festival and he seemed genuinely happy to meet a fan and talk for a few minutes. Good music and people always make for a good scene.

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