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Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp - Venus In Furs (Single Review)

A few days ago, Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp released a single off of their "18" album that's set to come out on July 15th. "Venus In Furs" is probably my favorite song by The Velvet Underground, it's such a cool tune with an almost hypnotic sound to it. Beck and Depp's cover is absolutely fantatic! They took it and ran with it and made it totally their own. It still has that hypnotic quality to it, but they brought it into a wonderful blues-rock style with screeching guitar solos, some killer distortion, and low velvety whispery vocals. I couldn't possibly have enjoyed it more. It's such a good cover. If you haven't heard it yet, go check it out! ~Gangis

Image credit: Drawing from the official visualizer for "Venus In Furs" by Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp.

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