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Lockjaw - Annihilove (EP Review)

Midwest "hell rock" band Lockjaw just dropped a new EP earlier this month. I just checked it out and holy shit did I like what I heard! It's like Wednesday 13 meets Manson meets the guitar solos of Ghost all with a heavy industrial edge. It hits every note that makes my little goth ears buzz with excitement. The dark gravelly almost crooning vocals. The deep thudding basslines. The killer screaming guitar solos. The industrial beats and noises. It's so freaking good. The EP flows so nicely, the production has just the right amount of grittiness to it to really give it a good flavor, but is still very well polished and clean sounding. I think my favorite track off the EP is Suburban Decay. It's got some bizzare distorted sounds going on that I just love. I can't say enough good things about this EP. It's twenty-four minutes of badassery. Go check it out!

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