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Shambala - Medusa (Single Review)

German alt rock/ post-grunge trio Shambala released a new single last week titled "Medusa". I'm just discovering this group, and I'm absolutely loving what I'm hearing. When the song started, I noticed that they've got a very classic 90's grunge type sound to them, reminiscent of Alice In Chains. I was totally taken by surprise when the song kicked in more and we got some almost chaotic sounding very heavy alt rock riffs about halfway through the song. This in some ways made me think of bands like Godsmack. It went from great to even better! The precision in the guitar work is fantastic. The vocals are killer. The bass is thumpin. The drums are phenomenal. I don't known what else to say, I enjoyed this one a lot! Definitely recommend checking it out! They totally took both grunge and alt rock and added their own influence and made it their own. I can't wait to hear what they put out next. ~Gangis

Image credit: Single art for "Medusa" by Shambala.

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