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The Funeral Portrait - Alien (Single Review)

Our friends The Funeral Portrait just debuted a new song with a video on DW Presents on Twitch. Holy shit! This song is so good!!!! I feel like this upcoming album is going to be a lot of very metaphorical imagery for emotions and such. When we got Voodoo Doll, that was of course about addiction. This song feels like it's about feeling like an outsider and disconnected from everybody and comparing that to being an alien. Such a cool concept, and beautifully executed, and something a lot of alternative people like myself can relate to. Lee's vocals are insane as always, and I dunno how he holds that note so damn long in the middle of the song! The riffs, the drums, everything is perfection! Definitely a pop-punk/alt anthem that's going to be a major hit. Every release this band just gets better and better! If you didn't catch this interview and debut, the song is being officially released Friday! You've gotta go check it out! It's so good! I can't wait to hear it again! ~Gangis

Image credit: Still from "Alien" by The Funeral Portrait

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