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Ashes Fallen: V (EP Review)

Our friends Ashes Fallen are set to release a new EP titled V, in honor of their fifth anniversary as a band. It consists of one track from each of their three albums, with a fun twist. It comes out on March 1st, but we are absolutely honored to be able to hear it early. It's so freakin' cool! While they normally have a much more guitar and drums centered sound, the remixes harken back to the synth driven drab and dark days of early goth rock. The addition of the saxophone in the "Unrequited" remix is an unexpected choice, however fits really well with the song. The remix of "Damn Me" almost has an industrial feel, which was a great direction to take it. The distortion is fantastic! I also just feel like this was a natural direction to go for a more aggressive song. I usually really enjoy when artists reimagine their own music, whether it's going acoustic or doing remixes. This EP is no exception. I absolutely love it!

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