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Ashes Fallen - Walk Through Fire (Album Review)

Yesterday modern gothic rock band Ashes Fallen dropped their new album "Walk Through Fire". I wasn't familiar with this band before stumbling upon this album, but damn am I glad I did! It's so good! Their sound is great! It's like goth metal with some 80s style ethereal synth and groovy guitar solos and some absolutely fangtastic dark gloomy vocals, but also like a little bit of classic punk influence. In a time of singles, I'm glad this album is a whole. To sit and listen to it is an experience. From start to finish it had me jammin' out. It's so good. I think my favorite track has to be "Remember Who You Are". That song in particular has so much deep emotions to it, and feels like a wax sealed love letter to every weird kid who paints their nails black, or otherwise sits somewhere outside the norm. I absolutely love it. This is without a doubt one of the best albums of this year, and more people need to be talking about it. Go check it out!

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