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Avatar - Construction of Souls

Swedish metal band Avatar just moments ago dropped a new single titled "Construction Of Souls". This song kicks ass! The video has a lot of dark twisted holiday type images, including a Johannes style Santa, which matches the song very well. The chorus almost has a feel of an old carol, which I really like. The guitar solo absolutely shreds! The main riffs are so catchy. The lyrics are very interesting and speak of the construction of souls as if it's a robotic assembly line, but I think there's a deeper meaning to it. It seems like they're making a commentary on how disconnected modern society is from things that really matter, and I thought that this was a very poetic and interesting way to do it. I enjoyed this song immensely! I can't wait to see what they have next. ~Gangis

Image credit: Single cover for "Construction of Souls" by Avatar.

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