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AVATAR - Cruel and Unusual (Single Review)

Swedish metal giants Avatar are back with another amazing single! "Cruel And Unusual" dropped a couple days ago, and it definitely lives up to its title. This song is so hard and dark! One element I thought was really interested was the "you sick fuck" clean backing vocal chant. The inclusion of that makes me think of some of the NDH bands that I listen to. Just something about they way they did it. The whole song is super brutal. Those riffs are amazing, and very very heavy. The guitar solo is absolutely epic and screechy. Johannes's vocals are as amazing as ever, but he's definitely turned it up a notch. The lyric video is really cool. It shows a journey through some lava filled underground caves, to the outside with a full moon and a bunch of fire. It starts and ends with a disturbing cartoon image of Johannes with a big gross looking tongue that snakes out of his mouth. I enjoyed this a lot! It's really cool! Now I'm starting to wonder if they are setting up for a new album, or if they're following the new "singles only" approach that a lot of bands are taking. Fingers cross for an album. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still from the lyric video for "Cruel And Unusual" by Avatar

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