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CattaC - Forgive My Sins (Single Review)

German dark electronic duo CattaC released a music video today for the song "Forgive My Sins" off of their "Nightness" EP that came out back in December. This song is fantastic! It's so dark and gloomy and just wonderfully goth sounding. The vocals reach a register only the likes of Peter Steele could manage, and are just so velvety and gorgeous. It's also got a fantastic beat and I really like the whispery distorted backing vocals. The video itself is really cool! It was shot in a way that almost makes it feel like old footage. The lighting choices give everything so much depth despite being in black and white. The church and the outdoor scenes and everything are just beautiful! I've been a fan of theirs since they dropped the single "Morticians" back in November, and they definitely never disappoint. I highly recommend checking this one out, and give the entire EP a listen!~Gangis

Image Credit: Still from the music video for "Forgive My Sins" by CattaC on DarkTunes Music Group.

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