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Dark Sun - Hate You (Single Review)

Illinois rock band Dark Sun are back again with another new killer single. If this song came on the radio, I'd literally think it was a new song from Alice In Chains. Holy hell. When Dark Sun put out "Forsaken" back in November, I noticed some similarity, but it's even more prevalent in this song. I absolutely love it! It's not just the vocals, which are very Staley-esque, but also the guitars and everything just have that slightly fuzzy grungy sludgy sound that I enjoy so much. The guitar solo also just absolutely shreds! The more I hear from this band, the more I like them. It's just uncanny how they perfectly emulate that sound, but make it their own and put out original music. The song itself has a very emotional rawness to it, and this is beautifully illustrated by the music video. The whole thing is shot with a bluish lighting, which helps add to the mood. It's so well done. I highly recommend checking this out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still from the music video for "Hate You" by Dark Sun.

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