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Dead Cool - Faith or Misery

Our good friends over at Dead Cool are getting ready to drop a new single on Friday the 13th called "Faith or Misery". We were lucky enough to get to hear it early! Which is, of course, an absolute honor. This song is an absolutely beautiful depiction of the rampant religious hypocrisy that sadly, affects us all. There's almost a secular type sound to some of the synth work, which I'm sure was intentional. It sounds like it should be the soundtrack in an old 80's horror movie church or funeral scene. This paired with the main melody synths and driving bassline create an absolute banger that's sure to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day! The lyrics are so intelligently written and paint a perfect picture of the message they want to convey. And of course their vocals are great as ever. This duo is painfully underrated and really need to be a staple in the goth scene. I highly recommend checking this song out when it drops, and check out their other music too! We absolutely love these two!

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