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Death Hymns: Book of Desolation by Ancine (Album Review)

Death Hymns: Book of Desolation by Ancine. Uh. This is different than what I normally review. However, it's so bizarre and out there that it isn't really like anything else I've ever heard. It's like blackened folk? Maybe? The whole album has this eerily discordant tone to it, with low gravelly vocals and a folky twang. It's so cool. The first track is dark distorted rumbling with a banjo(?) being finger plucked, and a quote from good ol' Vinny P's Masque of the Red Death. An absolute classic, and perfect way to set the tone. "Crowhaven Farm", the last song is probably my favorite track. The intro has a different sound which really breaks up the sound, and more slide guitar and harmonica and is just really catchy. I found myself swaying back and forth with the music. It's so complex and has so many layers of sound going on. I don't know how they made this music. It's amazing. Go into this one with an open mind, and you might like what you hear. I absolutely love it!

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