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Evanescence - Across The Universe (Cover Review)

Holy hell have I been missing out! Apparently there was a cover of "Across The Universe" on the deluxe edition of Evanescence's "The Bitter Truth" album that came out earlier this year. I loved that album. I didn't even know about this track, or hear it, until now. I know she had covered it live before, but this studio version is even better. It's so breathtakingly beautiful! It just has a piano, some symphonic stringed instruments, and Amy Lee's velvety vocals. I love it! It's so powerful yet delicate and done in a way only she could accomplish. Without a doubt one of the best Beatles covers I've ever heard, and also one of her best vocal performances. If you haven't heard this yet, go check it out! It's amazing! ~Gangis

Image credit: Single cover for "Across The Universe" by Evanescence on BMG

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