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Ghost - Jesus He Knows Me (Single Review)

After cryptically telling us a few weeks ago that "Jesus is coming", we Ghost fans have been hardcore speculating what the hell is going on with our favorite Swedish satanic poprock group. Is Papa Copia going to die? Is this a Genesis cover? Is there a new LP coming out soon? We got an answer to one of these questions. Yes! A Genesis cover! And unholy shit was it EPIC! The original "Jesus He Knows Me" is a very cheesy early nineties song that parodies televangelists, so was an absolute no brainer for Ghost to cover, but make a bit darker. The video includes a lot of sex and drugs and tripping and taking money, which fits only too well. I love how heavy the guitars get, it totally amplifies and brings excitement that the original Genesis snoozefest lacked. There's some fantastic organ type work as well, which of course Ghost is known for, but it just works so damn well in this one. Just wowwwww. I enjoyed this a lot! Perfect gift from the easter bunny! ~Gangis

Image credit: Image from the video for "Jesus He Knows Me" by Ghost.

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