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Ghost - Twenties (Single Review)

Swedish rock superstars Ghost have released another killer single off of their highly anticipated "Impera" album that's set to drop on March 11th. "Twenties" is very different. It starts off with what sounds like a full orchestra before kicking into a very dark and heavy tune. Arguably the heaviest song we've heard from them. The vocals have a very atmospheric creepy layered echo effect on them. We also get what I'm pretty sure is the first time we've ever heard Tobias hardcore swear in a song, with a very dramatic "motherfucker". We also get some hilarious tongue in cheek rhymes in the lyrics, for example, hoohaa and moolah. The guitar solo is absolutely epic. This song just has so much going on in it. I love it. It's very different than what I've come to expect from them, but in a lot of ways it still has their classic sound, it just includes a lot of harder elements I didn't expect. It's super badass. I hope we get more of this sort of style on the album! I definitely recommend checking this one out. If you don't like it at your first listen, try it again, trust me. It's great. ~Gangis

Image credit: Promo image for "Twenties" by Ghost.

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