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KoRn - Start The Healing (Single Review)

World renowned nu metal group KoRn is back with a fantastic new single titled "Start The Healing" off of their "Requiem" album that's set to be released in February of next year. What a powerful song! JDevil and other band members have been through some seriously heavy shit in the past few years, which definitely is driving the emotions in this song, and likely the entire album. This song is about seeking redemption, regrets, relapse, and trying to move on, which is a wonderful message for a song titled "Start The Healing". There's so many different sounds in this one. It's rather melodic for them, but it's got some very heavy riffs, some screaming, and a very catchy chorus. The music video is very interesting and has some neat camera angles, stylistic lighting choices, and it definitely illustrates the song very well. I highly recommend checking this one out, and I'm looking forward to the next album. I think it's going to kick ass! ~Gangis

Image Credit: Still from the music video for "Start The Healing" by KoRn

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