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LORD OF THE LOST - Festival Of Love (Unplugged Stream Concert Review)

I had the great pleasure of watching the "Festival Of Love" unplugged show by Lord Of The Lost. I found this band earlier this year when they dropped the single "Priest", and I instantly fell in love with them. They're everything I could want in a badass industrial band. So when I heard that they were doing an unplugged stream, I definitely couldn't miss it!

They started off with "Priest", which translated into acoustic beautifully with just vocals and an acoustic guitar. It sounds so different without that heavy beat, but it's just so wonderful. It's almost delicate sounding, but it's still so powerful with Harms' voice. It damn near brought a tear to my eye.

They then did a few covers, the most notable of which was of Combichrist, Hell Boulevard, Deathstars, and Scarlet Dorn, but all of them were fantastic. After getting this far into it, I started to see why they called this show the festival of love. All of the songs they played are centered around matters of the heart. I think this is absolutely wonderful. In a time where so many people are struggling with mental health, we all need a little extra love in our lives.

After a few other covers, they did "Loreley", which I was super happy about, as that is one of my personal favorites. I absolutely love how it sounds acoustically! It's so beautiful! I'm amazed how the band is able to capture the essence of all these songs, and retain all the emotion, while doing them so differently than they usually do.

I was a little disappointed that after this we only got a couple more of their songs, and more covers. I mean I loved the covers, they were fantastic. But I was hoping to hear more of their own music. But I'm just a sucker for that shit, I love when bands do acoustic versions of their songs. I'm not knocking them at all. But I hope we get to hear more acoustic in the future. It just bring in another level of rawness to the feelings and I'm all about it. Not only does it show the versatility and skill of the band, but they also fucking nailed it! What else can I say? I loved this festival of love. I enjoyed this a lot and I highly recommend giving it a watch. ~Gangis

Image credit: Promo pic for the "Festival Of Love" stream concert by Lord Of The Lost.

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