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Obverses - Not My God (Album Review)

I've been following this electro/industrial side project of Tim Skold and Nero Bellum, Not My God, since 2021 and always love what they put out. This album they put out last week is definitely no exception. This album is a good one to just sit and absorb. There's so much going on, and so many sounds I've never heard before. The varying pitches in vocal effects, stutters, synth squeals, and killer beats all come together to form some amazing songs. But it's hard to pick individual songs to talk about , the entire album is an experience as a whole. Though I did particularly enjoy "We Of The Night", "Carnations", and "Hyacinth". The lyrics in this album are so intelligently written too. I feel like this music project is criminally underrated. Nobody is talking about it. It's frickin Skold and Nero! How come this isn't getting more attention? If you're sleeping on them, go check this album out!

Image credit: Album cover for Obverses by Not My God.

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